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Friends of the Farm

Miss Kitty the horse

Likes: Grain, apples, carrots, Kayla

Dislikes: Sharing food

Miss Kitty is a calm, sweet horse who does not spook. She knows her name and will come running for food.

Miss Kitty and Kayla share a stable and the pasture.


Kayla the llama

Likes: Pears, being petted, Miss Kitty

Dislikes: Waiting for dinner, being petted

Kayla is (usually) a friendly alpaca who knows her name. She sometimes likes to be petted, but it depends on her mood.

Tater & Tot the goats

Likes: Being petted, jumping around, playing

Dislikes: Feeling lonely

Tater and Tot are brother and sister, and they act like big puppies. 

Wilbur & Hamlet the potbelly pigs

Likes: Food, naps, making straw nests for naps

Dislikes: Being petted

Wilbur and Hamlet will work together to move all of the straw in their sty into one giant straw bed.

Snickers the bunny rabbit

Likes: Jumping around, hay and carrots, being petted

Dislikes: Being chilly

Snickers will greet you at the door of her pen to say “hello!”

The Chickens

Likes: Chicken food, scraps, bugs

Dislikes: Waking up before 9 a.m.

All 15 of the chickens are friendly, especially to anyone who feeds them.

The animals need your help to keep them fed and cared for. Please consider becoming a Friend of the Farm by making a donation.

$4,000 purchases a horse and necessary equipment to keep them happy and healthy.

$1,000 purchases a pair of pigs, plus food and bedding for one year.

$500 purchases a group of goats and equipment for the playful kids.

$250 purchases a flock of chickens and all the scratch these egg-cellent ladies need to lay.

Any amount provides food and supplies for ongoing care of the animals and helps sustain this vital community program. 

Become a Friend of the Farm by setting up a recurring monthly donation to provide hay for the horses, straw for the pigs, heat for the bunny, feed for the alpaca, and other necessary supplies to keep the animals healthy and happy on the future Youth Crisis Stabilization farm.