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Mobile Crisis


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dispatched in Johnson or Iowa County.

Mobile Crisis Response dispatches mental health counselors to homes, schools, businesses, or public spaces where a mental health crisis is occurring. Anyone who is experiencing or is concerned about someone experiencing a mental health crisis can call.

Mobile Crisis Response is completely free and confidential. Response times are typically within 30 minutes of dispatch.

Common reasons to call mobile crisis:

  • when you are willing to meet with Mobile Crisis Response
  • when you have suicidal ideations
  • when you are unsure whether psychiatric hospitalization is necessary
  • when you need crisis de-escalation, emotional support or referral to community resources

Mobile Crisis Response is not appropriate:

  • when the situation needs immediate response such as a medical emergency or a current threat of violence
  • when the person in crisis does not agree to talk with mobile crisis counselors*

*Mobile Crisis Response is a voluntary program. The counselors may still come to speak further with the person that made the call, but the person in crisis has the right to refuse to speak with the counselors.

What happens when the counselors arrive?

The counselors will talk with you about the situation and help you explore the options available. Our hope is to help people feel safe and stable in the least restrictive environment possible. And for most of our clients, that means staying at home. If higher levels of care are needed and agreed upon, Mobile Crisis counselors will work with you to get you to a place where you can remain safe and stable.

Mobile Crisis Response offers follow-up service to every person we see starting with a follow-up call within 24 hours. Follow-up is intended to reinforce plans made during the Mobile Crisis contact and is meant to connect clients with community services that can support long-term care.

The goals of Mobile Crisis Response are to:

  • stabilize the crisis
  • assess the need for referrals to other community services
  • reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and arrests
  • admit the client to a crisis stabilization bed** when necessary

**Crisis stabilization beds provide a one to five day stay for people who are having a mental health crisis but do not need psychiatric hospitalization.

CommUnity mental health counselors respond to dispatches in Johnson and Iowa counties, and counselors with other contracted agencies respond to dispatches in Benton, Bremer, Buchanan, Delaware, Dubuque, Jones, and Linn counties. Other Iowa counties also offer Mobile Crisis Response through their mental health and disability services providers. To learn more, visit the Iowa Department of Human Services website.