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Crisis Helpline Services

Call/Text 988


All contacts to 988 are completely free and confidential.
Crisis Helpline Services answers 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline texts and chats in the state of Iowa and is a national backup center. If you or a loved one need emotional support, reach out to our trained counselors 24/7/365. We’re here to help with a wide variety of concerns. 

Reach out if you are:

  • Having thoughts of suicide
  • Experiencing stress, depression, or anxiety
  • Worried about a family member or friend
  • Struggling to cope with stress
  • Experiencing grief or loss

Who will answer?

You will be connected with a trained crisis counselor. Our volunteers and staff go through extensive training that culminates in a two-day, 16-hour Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (LivingWorks ASIST). Volunteers are always supervised by paid staff members.

Do counselors call 911?

While we are committed to avoiding unnecessary law enforcement involvement, our goal is to provide space to explore alternatives to suicide. Our Crisis Helpline counselors are trained to conduct suicide interventions, including safety planning and means reduction. Around 98% of the time, the person who is having thoughts of suicide is feeling better after talking to us and has a plan to keep safe for now.

When a person is at imminent risk of death or injury, we will work with the person to determine what needs to be done to keep them safe in the least invasive way possible. If it is determined that 911 should be called, a staff member will make that call while the Crisis Helpline counselor continues to speak with the individual. In the event that we determine 911 needs to be notified, we only share vital information with them such as the person’s location, name, and if they’ve already taken action on their plan for suicide.