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Financial Support

(319) 569-6393

1121 S. Gilbert Court
Iowa City, IA 52240

The Financial Support Program uses funds provided by generous private donors, the Consultation of Religious Communities, the St. Anthony’s Bread fund and other philanthropic organizations to help Johnson County individuals and families with basic needs, such as:

Rent and Utility Assistance
Security Deposit Assistance
Birth Certificates and Identification
Clothing Vouchers
Gas Vouchers
Prescription Medication Assistance
Temporary Mailing Address
Career Referral

Quantities are limited. For more information, please call 319-569-6393 on weekdays from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or visit 1121 S. Gilbert Ct. – door #2 during regular operating hours.

Rent and Utility Assistance Information

Starting September 7, 2021, people will be able to call in any time during business hours and schedule an appointment. The Financial Support Program provides assistance towards past due rent, water, or energy bills.


Must live in Johnson County, Iowa and need help paying a housing, water, or energy bill. You can receive financial assistance for housing and utilities once every 12 months. The Financial Support Program cannot help with late fees, phone bills, cable bills, insurance bills, taxes, vehicle repairs, or medical bills.

Applicants must participate in a scheduled in-person interview, sign a release, and provide household information. For housing assistance, bring your current lease/mortgage along with a current ledger or late notice. For utility assistance, bring most recent statement with the current past due amount. If you have contacted other human service agencies for assistance for the same bill, please bring paperwork to show this.

Security Deposit Program

Financial Support can provide security deposit assistance up to $1,000. Applicants must participate in a scheduled in-person interview, sign a release and provide household information and documentation. Residence must be in Iowa City, Iowa, and the rental must be officially approved by the landlord. Applicants must be able to cover the first month’s rent. CommUnity may assist once within a 12-month period.

New Employment Work Items

The Financial Support Program can help if you have an offer of employment contingent on providing your own boots, non-slip shoes, specific uniform items, etc., and are unable to purchase the items yourself. Visit our Financial Support department at 1121 S. Gilbert Ct., Iowa City during regular business hours and bring a dated letter from your employer stating that the items are required to begin working. This program is funded by the Iowa City Masonic Lodge No. 4.

Prescription Medication Assistance

The first step is to apply for the Free Medical Clinic pharmacy program. If the Free Medical Clinic cannot help you, the Financial Support Program can assist once per 12-month period with up to $100 in prescription costs. Contact Financial Support or Stop in during operating hours for more information.

Cultivating Careers Referral

Agencies outside of CommUnity are able to refer clients to our Cultivating Careers program by filling out the Cultivating Careers Referral Form. Cultivating Careers provides boots, non-slip shoes, specific uniform items, job tools, laptops, and other work-related resources to clients.