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Pets are family, too.

A small dog recently caught kennel cough during a temporary shelter stay while her owner was in the hospital. Thankfully, CommUnity’s Financial Support program was able to help cover the cost of her antibiotics so they could get better, together. 

Family is everything. From our clients, to our staff, to our donors and volunteers, family is at the core of CommUnity. Families come in all shapes and sizes and we’re all allowed to define our families. Many people choose to go beyond biology and extend the term “family” to close friends, romantic partners, and even pets! 

The benefits of welcoming pets into your heart and home range widely. From offering companionship and exercise, to helping with mental health and medical issues, pets are family, too. 

A generous donor recently contributed $10,000 to support our neighbors’ four-legged friends! The Betty Singer Veterinary Assistance Fund distributes funding for pets of families with financial need. Community’s Financial Support team has established relationships with select local clinics for referrals and conducts assessments on a case-by-case basis with recommendations from veterinarians. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to serve our neighbors in this way!

Because the need for people-food is so high, CommUnity Food Bank is only able to provide pet food when we receive donations of pet food or dollars designated for pet food purchases. CommUnity recently received a gift that will help feed dozens of dogs!

Longtime friend of many, Lori Panther, recently passed away in a tragic accident. Lori’s family designated CommUnity as a memorial site, and we received a multitude of gifts and beautiful tributes from friends and family. One friend, Paula Forest, who bonded with Lori while working as nurses at UIHC, wanted to pay tribute to Lori’s love for her dogs and her generous spirit. 

Paula said they’d often meet for lunch during retirement, and they eventually began discussing how they could help in different areas of the community. Being a food bank volunteer, Paula suggested that they begin collecting donations for CommUnity and other local nonprofits. 

At Lori’s celebration of life, Paula and other nurses suggested that they take up a donation for pet food to honor Lori’s legacy. Soon after, Paula was presented with $120 collected by Barb Schuessler, Nurse Manager at UIHC’s Employee Health Clinic. 

This wonderful gift will go toward the purchase of pet food, to be distributed to families in need through CommUnity Food Bank. Thank you to all who contributed in loving memory of Lori Panther. We’re honored that her legacy will live on in our community. 

These two incredible gifts will benefit local households and ensure the health and happiness of their furry family members.