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Coping with Pandemic, Isolation in Winter Months

After seven months of navigating a world-wide pandemic and isolation, many are now confronted with the harsh reality of seasonal depression. The upcoming months will be tough for those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and trying to navigate the emotional ups and downs.

CommUnity’s Crisis Intervention team says the pandemic can create feelings of stress, depression and anxiety. That’s why reaching out for help to maintain positive mental health is essential during the next several months.

“From suicidal thoughts to a stressful day, if someone is thinking about talking to us, we want you to reach out,” explains Ryan Dickson, Crisis Intervention Manager. “We’re available 24/7 through talk, text or chat and you will be connected to a trained counselor. We will listen, help you explore your feelings, work with you to create a safety plan, and connect you with resources as needed, all in a safe and nonjudgmental space.”

CommUnity’s Crisis Intervention program can: 

  • Offer emotional support for anxiety, anger, hopelessness, or any difficult thoughts/feelings.
  • Connect you to available resources as needed.
  • Recommend support groups.

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