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1 in 3 low-income families struggle to afford basic necessities like toilet paper. You can help wipe away their worries with a gift to TP CommUnity. Just $25 allows us to provide a Johnson County family with toilet paper for

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A Peek at 988

By Ryan Dickson, Director of Crisis Helplines So what is 988, exactly? There are a couple different levels we can explain it on. In probably the broadest sense, 988 is what used to be called the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

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The Foundation of Good Listening

By Kyle Burke, CommUnity Crisis Helpline Program Manager You’ve probably heard hundreds of times that the key to supporting others is “active listening.” And that the “active” part means nodding along and trying your best to not interject. You probably

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A Fundamental Philosophy of Crisis Care

By Ryan Dickson, CommUnity Crisis Helpline Director Anniversaries are important, as they mark time for us to reflect on the past and envision the future. July 1st marks the year anniversary of the implementation of 988 as the National Suicide

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Global Gardening & How to Get Involved:

By Kendall Barbacovi, Communications & Development Coordinator Hope your summer is going well, CommUnity has some exciting food news! Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator, Amel Ali, has recently gotten into the summertime spirit by planting veggies including heirloom seeds

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Mental Health Awareness Month with Amel Video Interview Transcript: Mental Health Awareness Month with Amel You know, we’re not going to talk about it. We’re not going to, you know, say that we’re sad or whatever you pick yourself up and don’t cry, all of

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