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Meditation on Sour Patch Kids

By Emma Huntzinger, Communications Manager Today, I’m finding awe in the five blue Sour Patch Kids laying on my desk. Loose sugar loops them like halos, little sour angels, and reminds me of the “sweet” part of their ad campaigns

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Youth Mobile Crisis Response Expansion

Tell me a bit about yourself. Parth Patel, Youth Mobile Crisis Coordinator: I’m Parth and I’m the Youth Mobile Crisis Coordinator at CommUnity Crisis Services. I love being able to support youth in getting to a level of functioning before

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Black History Month: Mental Health Stigma

A Bit of History In the mid-1800s up until the early 1900s, leading psychiatrists claimed Black people were unfit psychologically for freedom. Samuel Cartwright, a physician in the 1800s created two diagnoses, “drapetomania” and “dysaesthesia,” which were used to label

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